About The Project

The Virginia craft beer community has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. And the scrappy lushes at Release The Hounds brand experience shop wanted to get involved in the movement. 

So, we set out to develop a unifying identity for the community that's own-able, fresh and fun. Eventually "Get Some Virginia In Ya" presented itself from the universe,  primed by many, many pints. 

We connected with The Virginia Craft Brewers Guild and arranged to have 10% of all proceeds go directly to the organization to support local hops farmers, breweries and research.

Our plan is to have more items like growlers, hats, pint glasses and posters available in the near future.


If you're interested in wholesale orders or have an idea to share, please email woof (@) releasethehounds.tv or call 804-343-1411.